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August 8th 2014

Young, Ambitious and Learning on the Job

Kris came to E-Achieve, after spending time in the...

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July 31st 2014

What our learners say: highlights July 2014

111 learners completed our online survey in July...

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July 15th 2014

Champions of youth: Trainees

There is no doubt that young people hold the future’s...

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Catherine Harrop, funded by North Tyneside Council, March 2014 wrote...

"This course was really good because it helped me understand a bit more about IT. The staff and fellow pupils were extremely friendly and a delight to work with"


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Hold down shift and esc then release and press one of the following keys to go to a page.

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​Services for non-English Speakers:

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) can be made available in other languages and alternative formats (large print, audio tape, computer disk and Braille) on request.

Servicios para no Angloparlantes:

Información, Asesoramiento y Orientación estaá disponible en otros idiomas y formatos alternativos (letras grandes, cinta de audio, disco de computadora y Braille) a solicitud.

Services pour les non-Anglophones:

Services d'Information, de Conseil et d'Orientation peuvent être mis à disposition dans d'autres langues et formats substituts (gros caractères, cassette audio, disquette et braille) sur demande.

Servizi per chi non parla inglese:

Informazione, Consulenza ed Orientamento  possono essere resi disponibili in altre lingue e formati alternativi (stampa ingrandita, audiocassette, disco di computer e Braille) su richiesta.

Služby pro non-anglické reproduktory:

Informace, rady a pokyny(IAG) sou k dispozici také v jiných jazycích a alternativních formátech (velkoplošný tisk, magnetofonová páska, počítačový disk a Braillovo písmo) na vyžádání.

Služby pre non-anglickej reproduktory:

nformácie, rady a pokyny, sú k dispozícii aj v iných jazykoch a alternatívnych formátoch( veľkoplošná tlač, magnetofónová páska, počítačová disketa a Brailové písmo) na požiadanie.

Сервисы для не владеющих английским языком:

Информация, советы и рекомендации могут быть предоставлены по запросу на других языках и в альтернативных форматах (широкоформатная печать, аудиокассета, компьютерный диск или Брайль).

Learners have gained an IT qualification with